Thursday, January 23, 2014

thrifting advice? why not!

Here's my two cents on the whole clothes-thrifting biz. Because I do it a lot.

Scope out different shops in your area. Every store has a different strength. One may have better brand selection, another will have lower prices, one will be better organized. That sort of thing. Once you figure out what's what, it's easy to decide what you have the patience for.

You can haggle *sometimes*. I once got a $30 pair of winter boots marked down at a consignment shop because I asked. It depends on the store, and it definitely depends on the item. I wouldn't try haggling on anything less than twenty bucks.

Look in odd sections! I recently found out that the maternity section is a stupendous place to find long, loose tops (even if you're not pregnant). I never thought to look there before! There's a lot of golden stuff in the pajamas section, too, like silky button-up tops and pretty slips you can layer in regular outfits. A lot of ladies swear by the mens section for big sweaters and flannels, but I personally haven't had much luck there. It's worth a shot, anyway!

Always look at jeans. All my most flattering, high-quality jeans were thrifted for less than ten bucks. My worst-fitting, rip-a-seam-after-six-months jeans were $30+ from department stores. I've vowed to never buy retail denim again. It's not worth it.

Another thing about jeans: Don't overlook flares or bellbottoms if skinny jeans are more your thing. Altering them is very easy.

Have a (loose) agenda. It really does make it less overwhelming if you've got an idea of what you want. Keep the criteria open ended; something like "button-down blouses" or "jean jackets" is specific enough. I discovered the magic of maternity sweaters because I was actually on the hunt for stretchy skirts, so guidelines can really direct you to sweet stuff even if you don't get what you originally set out for!

Do it a lot. I duck into a thrift store a couple times a month, and I've been doing it for the past few years. Most of the time I don't even buy anything, but because I like shopping and I take time to look for cheap gems, these days I'm usually wearing an outfit that costs less than twenty dollars total, including purse and shoes. It's fun!


his little lady said...

Love this! I definitely want to get more into thrifting! Great tips girl :)
xo TJ

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